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Ugur Optical Machine started the activities firstly in the Tourism Sector, year 1993. Since 2003, with the 100% own capital and keeping rapid development and continuity in  optical industry. Well received attention as a model entrepreneur, high quality, reliable service provider and a strong national investor.

Uğur Optical Machine, with a young staff of 25 people, having operations in import, export, sales / marketing, technical service activities, in Turkey. By the help of Turkish engineers and software experts being in R & D (which was established within Ugur Optical Machine company),  Centervision, the last technology in optical market, started to mass produced and selling. In order to the development of optical industry, always takes place in many  projects. 

By the 20 years of work experience, technical competencies and financial power, Ugur Optical Machine successfully completed numerous social projects.  By being a partnership with universities, being a pioneer position  to supply the deficiencies in the optical industry.



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